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Find details about how to get to Chios Greece, what to see and how to get around the island.


Enjoy your stay at our village at one of our six apartments. We also have houses for the whole family


Chios Gr
You will find us at a Medieval Village in the middle of the Island 20 minutes from town.


Enjoy your stay with a nice Greek coffie or a soft drink in the morning or right after a swim in the afternoon.

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Avgonima Sunset

It is said we have one of the best sunsets on the planet come and judge it on your own.
Avgonima has an amazing view both of the mountains around the village and the sea. You can see the island of Psara and all the way to Mesta and Volliso.

Greek Food Guide

All you need to know about Traditional Greek Food, Cooking, Drinking Ouzo and maybe more...
Ouzo drinking is an art. Or maybe it's a way of life. Whatever it is, Chios is known for it's ouzo. Most cafe owners in Greece will admit that the best ouzo comes ...

Before and After

See what the houses and apartments looked like before and after we used our imagination.
The houses and apartment now have A/C, Heating, Fridge, Kitchen, mini Bar, Hair Dryer LCD tv 32 inch. All have a fireplace for the winter months just like in the past.

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Take a look at our awards, comments, messages and also magazines and newspapers the wrote about us.
You can see reviews, messages the our guest leave us in there rooms feel free to leave us a message also when staying with us and we will uploud to our site.